The Advent of Chloroform

By: Joe Shaw (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2016
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The first human trial a cunning trick,
Of a synthesised compound organic,
A colourless, sweet smelling liquid,
The dinner guests asleep so quick,
CHCl3’s what’s in it,
And chloroform is what they called it.

Exciting new anaesthetic,
Produced by efforts scientific,
Initial findings - so terrific!
The effect generally soporific,
For dulling the senses, this stuff's prolific,
Not local no, that’s too specific.

Soak a rag and sniff and sniff it,
Then the dream world you will visit,
Mysterious, exquisite physic,
Forget all of your wounds horrific,
Amputation - blink you’ll miss it,
But sniff too much and you might kick it.
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