Much Ado About Carbon (Acrostic)

By: Exeunt,pursuedbybear (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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There once was a material called carbon,
He was ignited for a BBQ in the garden.
"Eek-sublimate!" he thought, but that's not what destiny brought…

Golly gosh-his electrons were excited!
Relishing pleasure as he was ignited.
And low and behold, what could be seen?
Photons with energies distinct as could be!
He tossed and he turned, but pleasure became pain
Electrons escaping that could not sustain.
Needing some help, he looked to the sky
Ending his life as pure element, O2 came by.

Crazy humans kept burning him: energy was their goal.
Every man on the planet only knew carbon as coal.
Nevertheless in Manchester, two scientists believed
That carbon had special properties never before conceived.
Ridiculous late night experiments with sticky tape and red wine
Eventually gave us graphene-the saviour of our time.
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