To My Close Companion

By: Simon
Competition Year: 2013
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I wanted to try something new with you
But I was afraid,
Afraid of what might happen.
What was the worst that could happen?
It would go wrong,
And you'd tell me something I didn't want to hear,
And I'd feel foolish for attempting it.
But what was the best that could happen?
It would go right,
And I'd be happier than I'd been for such a long time,
I'd skip and sing all the way home,
Light as air,
Powerful as a god.
And you'd be changed forever, deeply, profoundly, to your core,
Easier to communicate with,
More elegant than any other,
And, perhaps, in some ways, more beautiful.
And in future we'd be so much better together
We'd be unstoppable,
Just you and me,
There'd be nothing we couldn't do.
What do you say?

So I tried it
And you said "Fatal error. Beginning dump of physical memory".
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