If Textiles Were Students...

By: TheRedPeacock (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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Yarn, yarn, yarn
That’s all that fibres do
Flax constantly procrastinates
Several trips to the loo

Silk lies on her bed
Flaunting her lustre galore
G&Ts and a lack of studying
“Work’s not for me”, she says, “What a bore!”

Student cutie, Miss Cotton
Sits with papers all over her desk
Gallons of water by her side
100% on every test

Kev-lar’s up at 5
Press-ups and protein shakes
Keeping to his military regime
Continuous self-affirmations, “I am a brute; I will not break!”

Poly and Ester sitting in the lounge
Numerous PowerPoints on their browser tabs
After five minutes of working
They agree, “A new outfit would be fab!”

Naughty Nylon comes along
“Well I have a date on Saturday”
Lusty Lycra follows shortly
“Ha! That’s your 10th this month – besides I’m more flexible than you anyway!”
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