By: tdd (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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The birds drive me insane,
when I'm ready to sweat maths like heavy rain
from various treetops I hear avian interruptions
their sounds are summations of sine wave functions
When their luscious harmonies accumulate and gain
the stable points vanish from my emotional phase plane

Some polar graph rotated around axis x
is a model of the surface of some bird's eggs
Take an arbitrary length and fluid depth
and I could construct some equivalence relation sets
describing some traits of species when I should be stressing
to apply mathematics to matters more pressing

Mechanical equations might one day save me rage
when a bird drops a processed cherry or poison berry
Just measure air resistance to stay a safe distance
from the goods dropped by these vandalous vertebrates
I still envy their freedom to go where they fancy
If only for one day I could join their authority

Would it not be hell to kick my way out of a calcified shell?
Robotic head movements may be unattractive
but I could receive the skill instinctive
to fly on a path of directional derivatives
inside the troposphere instead of being inhibited,
tethered to the floor by Newton's 2nd law
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