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By: 2M
Competition Year: 2013
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I can't explain what was that
When I saw you I just felt
My heart running towards you
But legs refused, and just sat

They couldn't carry me to you, I wish I could say
The angels are coming, but not every day
You were shining, brighter than the stars
I was staring, you flew away

The time stopped, when has encountered our eyes
Life is a miracle, nothing ever happens twice
Love is a butterfly, on green nature of the world
You can't catch it, but following it is deadly nice

You've been dropped like a color, from the sky along the way
To the portrait of my life, which has always been solid grey
Maybe it fell from the brush, while God was drawing the universe
Or it is game of the destiny, let's say, it was meant to be in this way.

P.S. I know I have weird English, but not the people who shares the same language, but the people who shares the same feelings understands each other. I hope the readers will understand me :)
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