Life of an Academic

By: chemistry4dabois (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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People claim the life of an academic is somewhat easier than the rest,
That they do not have to continually perform at their up most best,
However I pose these questions to anyone that will listen,
Is it easy to constantly think with the upmost precision?
Where decisions can alter the lives of those around you?
And also dramatically affect oneself too?

Academics in every field will always have the upmost passion,
And they are not wearing lab coats to keep up with fashion,
They dedicate their lives to knowledge and research,
But to the public they will never emerge,

Their goals are never selfish,
But their results will always be cherished,
Why anyone would go into research is a mystery,
However people have been doing so throughout history,

The credit of those who change our world through science is never enough,
Trust me, I know, it is extremely tough,
Thus those who have this passion and drive,
I applaud thee and hope you have a life and career that will thrive.
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