Mathmo's Lament

By: JNAustin (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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Chalkdust on jumpers, worn above shirts.
In a war against whiteboards that make our eyes hurt.

We winge, whine, and wail that the white is too bright.
You all know the mathmo's worst nightmare is light.

Solar powered Casio? A cruel joke of course.
When did you last see a mathmo outdoors?

When asked to play rugby, our answer is no.
'Cause we might get hurt, and besides, our sport's Go.

And maybe we don't go out clubbing a lot.
Where it's two pounds a pint and (cos(theta))^2+(sin(theta))^2 for a shot.

But despite this, we mathmos will have a good time
on our 23rd birthday. We'll be in our prime.
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