In this dream

By: firelordzuko (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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In this dream,
We grow old together.

Now your hair is thinner,
And sometimes, when the moon wishes it so,
It becomes a pool of molten silver,
Glowing indolently, oblivious to its devastation to my senses.
But then I reach up to run my hands through it,
And it is still yours.
It is still soft
And it still sings under my touch.

And now your eyes,
They crease at the sides;
Tiny cracks and little folds,
Possessively hoarding your tears and your smiles.
But as I settle my gaze upon them,
They are still brilliant,
And now they watch me
With a warm familiarity that makes my heart swell and break all at once.

And – and your lips.
Your lips still skim my skin,
They whisper and they turn;
The corners crawling up your face,
Leaving indents in your cheeks.
Your lips are still your lips
And they are warm
And they are here.

In this dream,
You are mine
And it is late
And we are all right.
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