Unsustainable Student

By: Flipster (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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Here in the information age, taking centre stage,
a technological rampage overloads our emotional pressure gauge,
guided by our google sage and chained to a handheld anti-social media cage,
the only time we disengage it’s met by a “lost connection” rage.

All of history knows it’s love bound by a single rose,
followed by a beautiful prose where around the subject each line flows,
Each time a new feeling arose we once dared to personally disclose,
Now when that feeling grows its destroyed by the line “bros before hoes”.

Feeling depressed? The quick fix of a pill just snuck out.
No cure, just corporate pricks whose will dispenses awestruck doubt.
Those people just need to Netflix and chill the f**k out.

Whilst scientists convey their unease most reject their premise with ease,
Ignorance Brought us to our knees by the loss of those crucial bees,
whilst collapse of world economy’s created the rise to our tuition fees ,
so surely just to appease some printer credits please?

The charm of the politicians charades to lull our grit
their acquiescent performance parades a plethora of dull wit
yet their policies amount to fifty shades of bull s**t .

In name of holy childe how much blood has been spilled,
and when the death toll is billed our morals are then killed.
If the war machine stilled, could hope of rebirth be instilled,
as we are now adequately skilled to perform an Eden rebuild.

How much we feel the fool liking the smell of each fossil fuel,
when to a child it seems so cruel wearing a gas mask to school,
and each trend makes us drool as we are but a corporate tool,
how they mock and ridicule whilst turning ever ocean to a cesspool.

Once Mother Nature held such revere but now her screams are clear.
If Animals could speak their fear would we our path start to veer,
would most even shed a tear or would mockery be made with a sneer.
Thus a future resolute and austere lies within the heart of an engineer.

Such social, political and environmental duress,
seems so egotistic to worry about exam stress ,
but it’s time to put an end to this digress,
the ramblings of an unsustainable student I guess.
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