By: Timothy Leong (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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A willow tree stands tall and proud,
Seasons pass, how many, I’ve lost count,
The leaves turn yellow, they fall to ground.
A timeless tale, a legend, its root unfound,
That if you carve your initials here,
You and your loved one would be bound.
There is no such tree inside my town,
So I will carve your initials where it will probably never be found:
Carelessly you brush your hair, revealing more of the face that ensnares.
Ensnares, enchants, and captures my heart, oh, how I wish we would never be apart.
Like a thousand sunrises is how warm you are; like the colours of a thousand sunsets, your beauty shines far.
I’ve often heard people fall in love for no apparent reason, for love is blind, irrational, a mysterious emotion.
Not in my case, I know exactly why I fell for you, it was your kindness, your independence, and your values.
Ever I wish I could find that willow tree, but then if I did, would your carve your name with me?
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