By: Parsha
Competition Year: 2013
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Why do I feel,
That I was meant to love you?
When my words of love get spoken
Without my knowledge,
I feel that you are the one for me,
Who I can love forever
And forever.

Why do I feel,
That I was born to be by your side forever?
When I see you in my dream and
Perceive your affection,
I feel that we could be complete together,
And even if we die,
Our epic would be recalled ‘for thousand years’ to come.

Why do I feel,
That I should love myself more?
When you say you love me,
I find the reason of why I have become beautiful now.
Wherever I see, I see love
Even though I cannot hold your hands,
I feel like my body and soul belong to you.

Why do I feel,
That I was made for you?
When I do not talk to you,
I find it meaningless.
My dreams get shattered.
Even though we are at the two bays of the stream,
There is a place where we can be together.

Why do I feel,
That I was destined to understand the love through you?
Now, when I have learnt to smile more,
I understand the magic of your love that I hadn’t understood so far.
I feel like I am born again.
And can be immortal,
Only if you can response me with same vibes of devotion.

Why do I feel,
Like I belong to you?
That if you weren’t there, there would be no meaning of life
And no meaning of love.
And I would forever be asking myself,
Why I was born?
And why things are happening the way it is?
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