A Cooper pair

By: markdd (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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Dancing on the Fermi sea,
just you and me.
Oh how exciting that would be.

Apart we were born,
and apart we shall stay,
but for this one night,
would you be my pair?

The laws of Nature
have torn us apart,
But then came Cooper,
and here we are.

Pair with me
and entangled we shall be.
Dancing on the Fermi sea,
just you and me.

To a crowd full of ions,
dressed and disguised,
we dance freely and unhindered,
two graceful swans entwined.

Oh how tender is your touch,
oh how fragile is your grip.
Let this dance last forever,
like the moon and sea.

And so it may be,
and the world will see,
that even at room temperature
we may still be.
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