Dancing with the Dark

By: Tom Gerard
Competition Year: 2013
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You sure look lonely, way up there.
But then, looks can be deceiving.
I thought I had you all figured out -
And yet there you are, dancing your Dark dance,
Waltzing with your invisible partner in the inky black.

I can't see him, but I know he's there.
He spins you and twirls you in a shadowy samba,
Moving you in ways I could only dream of.
No, I'm not jealous! I just don't understand.

What does this Dark eyed partner have that I don't?
I'm an excellent listener, a great observer, naturally curious.
I suppose you and I must have different ideas of what really Matters,
Because you just keep on dancing your Dark dance.
So I'll just keep on watching.

You're a beautiful mystery to be unraveled,
Any hey, maybe I'll never even know.
But that's ok, after all, it's the nature of the game we play –
The thrill is in the chase.

I may look lonely to you, way down here,
On my ball of blue; my speck of star dust.
But I'm enraptured, mesmerized, in a trance,
Watching you spin, in your slow, Dark dance.
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