By: BenTipping (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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A mechanical pencil is the weapon of choice,
as I slave away without rejoice,
The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons,
is the place I choose to implant knowledge,
Maxwell's equations are resplendent to sight,
but the understanding is my plight,
Cups of coffee keep me going,
as my intelligence keeps on growing.

A furtive glance outside reveals,
all to be enjoyed once my grades are sealed,
But now my tired mind grows weary,
as I study Liouville's Theory,
To my luck a girl walks by,
now she's going going gone goodbye,
Alone again I sit and ponder,
that truly this subject is a wonder.

The end of exams seems so far,
when determining in quantum - ket or bra?
As we asymptote to the end,
a sudden expansion ruins the trend,
All thought is applied: the theory complex,
and suddenly my mind begins to vex,
The solution seems distant - far in the future,
as I begin to understand nuclear,
The road ahead is fraught with uncertainty,
that's for sure with Bose and Fermi.

I lie in bed with equations swirling,
trying to sleep is a real burden,
Up at 9 and back at 12,
further into calculus I dare to delve,
Pythagoras, Legendre, the Greeks to the Maians,
all we do is stand on the shoulders of giants,
As I look out to space and through the void,
I give up with work and play some Pink Floyd.
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