The Scientific Miracle

By: Ionut Ferenti (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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There was an only one ball in the empty space
And it was so dense and hot
That decided to become a universe,
Something bigger spread out in trillions of spots.

Well, it exploded and is still spreading until today,
There four dimensions have taken birth
In the early universe, when it was so hot
And nothing more than a very energetic plasma.

It started to cool and the main hydrogen gas was formed,
Lots of interactions during billions of years
A new spiral galaxy, lost in the immensity of space,
Surrounded everywhere of trillions of other galaxies.

But here was something special,
Eight planets gravitating around a Sun
And only one, the third, has met the right conditions
To create new intelligent biological life forms, the humans.

A perfect combination of lots of atoms and
Undiscovered structures owing the consciousness,
That has made us to be curious, to learn and to evolve
Until this stage where we are today.
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