The Man I Am

By: Andy Keaveney (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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The man I am doesn't stare at screens,
or click on things in which he should believe,
and scroll through people projecting self - esteem,
in an infinite stream of buffering dreams.

The man I am doesn't connect through wire,
or plug directly in to something higher,
or download a character, a place and a mould,
then upload a laugh, or an emotion to hold.

The man I am can't explain how he feels,
to the c drive of a box sitting at his heels,
to a memory not mine, not sacred and blessed,
that can be wiped in an instant, with a factory reset.

The man I am is hard to process,
and the Intel i5 is making me less.
It's stripping me down, to zeros and ones,
And it can't be improved, no matter the funds.

The man I am doesn't vary in strength,
with location and coverage, and crowded tents.
He's fully connected, from brain to brain,
to things not seen on internet domains.

The man I am can't be written in code,
or calculated at several million nodes,
or ran in a loop til solution is obtained.
To function as a function and be shackled by those chains.

The man I am doesn't type what he thinks,
In coherent format with references and links,
But leaves it jumbled in a beautiful mess,
inside the mind where it is pure and caressed.

The man I am isn't the man I am.
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