By: Laura (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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You can see it in her face,
The moment that she understands.
The clouds in her eyes melt away,
And she straightens where she stands
Those hands that haltingly mimicked mine,
Growing strong, growing sure.
That which they shape is held out with a pride
So innocent and so pure.

Watch her mouth
Teeth biting lip,
Watch her eyes
The brows dip.
One day she will do this one handed,
While chatting to a mate.
But today it takes all she has
So cherish this, and wait.

To see her learn,
And to see her grow.
To hear her question
A greater wonder, I’ll never know.
Knowledge sitting in your head
Can bring you pride.
But giving it to her,
Will have joy flowing through your whole inside.
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