The flame

By: Ammar (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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The flame
that is so craved by the numbed body of the needy,
does warm the hand of one so shallow and greedy;
frozen by issues troubling his lonesome mind and soul
as perpetual perceptions of the masses leave him
forever in the cold;

The wind
that sets the sails of the man in the suit,
does crash and destroy the dwelling of a man in pursuit
of meagre scraps with which to feed his family,
while the suited man’s business
performs satisfactorily;

The drop
that runs in rivulets down the back of one so beguiled
fails to reach the parched tongue of a dying child
as the sailing people search for the meaning of life
in a river of dreams
having already found land made barren by streams;

The light
that guides the honest wayfarer
does guide the crook, the watchman and the bearer
of pain so unimaginable it leaves a permanent mark,
which fails to heal in the comfort of the dark
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