The Scientist Lament

By: Harry Liu
Competition Year: 2012
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Sunshine rains upon the blissful masses
I thirst dreaming of that sweet nectar
Each drop fall on my parched lips tastes of heaven
I’m pulled from my wonderland
I stare at my cup of light from the direct voltage tap
Oh how I lament in my dungeon not knowing whether sun or moon is dancing
Click! Beep!
Sounds continue the tormenting onslaught
As if unsatisfied by my lament
Click! Beep! Drip!
Suddenly I hear, suddenly I see, suddenly I realised
These are not sounds of torment, not chains of burden, but the symphony of truth
My electrodes click into gear
Sparking each other, electrifying the atmosphere, and charging my soul with the thrill of discovery
My monitor beeps
Watching human curiosity dance across its screen, jumping up and down, and racing left to right
Drips of my direct voltage tap spout a shower of rainbows
Quenches my thirst, it cures my itch, and feeds my hunger
As the beauty erupts around me, a smile appears and I lament
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