By: Syeda Fizza Imam (Biomedical Materials Science)
Competition Year: 2012
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If I could tell you all the secrets of my heart,
With faith that I speak in the tongue of love
Would you keep me from becoming an outcast,
If I told you that my words were send from above?
A strange silence in the rain that succumbs,
Yields a message that I fail to put in words
And with hope, a revelation it becomes,
As if created from the notes sung by birds.

I wonder if it is the exit from this latent state
Or is it betrayal to our God-given form,
For I imagined the truth to be of blatant weight;
Allowing our spirit to soar with the storm-
But, alas, all I see are contradictions in the design;
"Be yourself" is what they innocuously preach,
Yet we can never remain the same as change is benign
Over time, with experience, that motto, we breach.

The way withering is destined for a bloom,
As it survives a time and dies another season
Our innocence is short-lived for a fateful doom
On impending thoughts, action and reason.
Could there be a prayer that does the undone
Or wishes away the unwanted, I sadly cannot guarantee;
For what I have become, and what I have done,
My avatar from before is no longer my identical copy.

I do wonder whether if the difference is but the same,
But I cannot live in negligence, the flowers will always decay
With the almost never-ending applause of the rain
There is a sad truth within this confined space of disarray.
In between the chaos, I hope to save the song in my heart
And entrust you with the words and its melody,
So when I wither and I forget, you take me back to the start
And sing that message and those words back to me.
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