The Masters of Discovery

By: Stephen Goldrick
Competition Year: 2012
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Scientists and Engineers,
Are the best among their peers.
Bridges, roads and sights you see,
Are an Engineer’s speciality.

Scientists, the fundamentalists,
trying to ease our deadly disease.
Cancer, AIDS and the common cold,
The cures to which will soon unfold.

First the wheel, then the light,
The shape of Earth discovered right.
Race to Space, nanotechnology,
Nothing’s beyond possibility.

Watson, Crick and DNA;
Diagnose disease within a day.
Einstein, Planck and Bernoulli,
Contributed much to society.

Einstein to mention one of three,
Who’s art was that of simplicity.
He who made all from three,
As he remembered to square the ‘c’.

Curious and inquisitive are such folk,
Many thoughts and dreams provoked.
These brave minds astonish me,
With creative, new discovery.

Scientists and Engineers, my peers,
Continue to amaze for many years.
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