By: Richard Whyman (Maths)
Competition Year: 2012
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Dear my darling love I met some more fools today,
They said they hate you,
They want to forget you,
They seem to fear you,
I was at a loss for words to say,

I thought of all your truths and proofs,
Your rings and groups,
And saw nothing worthy of hate,

I thought of all your curves and lines,
Your dimensions and signs,
And felt nothing I would want to forget,

I thought of your functions,
Your contradictions and inductions,
And knew nothing worthy of fear,

They will never see,
The abstract beauty I get to behold,
They will never feel,
The perfect form that I get to embrace,
They will never know,
Of the sleepless nights that I've spent plunging into your depths,

Oh how I pity them,
Not to have a love,
So beautifully simple,
So infinitely complex,
But I will have you always,
In my heart and in my mind,
I will love you forever,
My dear darling Maths.
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