I Shall Rise

By: Indrajit Kamalanathan (MPhys. Physics with Astrophysics (1st year))
Competition Year: 2012
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Dear fate, you rise from gathering darkness
When a thousand visions of mine begin to unfold
And with your superfluous eloquence of ruthlessness
You slay me and make me fall.
But I shall be born again and I shall rise.

Like million dazzling suns and shimmering moons,
When my hopes gain its momentum,
You crawl into my mind and instil irrefragable doubts.
You make my feet numb and immovable,
But I shall move and move immovable mountains.

Sometimes you appear in the subtlest forms
With an unfathomable clairvoyant flamboyance
And create turbulence in my tumultuous mind.
You push me down to the core of anguishes,
But I shall rise again and I shall fight.

You hallucinate me with illusions of darkness
And in delusions, you burn me alive.
You make my quivering lips murmur its secret prayers
And then you let my prayers go unanswered.
But I shall rise again and I shall be invincible nonetheless.
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