By: Sarah Huggins
Competition Year: 2012
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I do loop-de-loop
over deserted seaside town,
echo cold crescent glow
over ghostly carousel.

Tidal bulge tows my rocky heart,
flings me high, too high-
I’m thrown overboard, castaway,
I gasp for air, hurry goodbye.

Energy shifts from Earth to Moon,
A child screams lost balloon.

I float adrift through ancient mist;
faint and frail, it floods the abyss.
No craggy cove for hide n’ seek,
I sink further into the deep.

Then comes the invisible grasp
of Earths guiding hand.
Pulling me round on an even keel,
she gives me leeway. My orbit expands.

In ages past
I’ll be washed ashore,
midst a towering city of suns.
Home at last,
I’ll wander no more.
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