Beautiful creations

By: Patrick Junior
Competition Year: 2012
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I see in the fall gravity’s sense
For why did Newton
And the Wrights
Not tell men
That upwards we fall?
I see the genius of them who sat and
Thought that men needed to grow
And in knowledge inspire to draw out
Life in the laboratories of experiments and the time
Of experience
We live in the age of work
Not of art but in the era of eclipses meeting
Rays of renaissance
We span periods of galaxical discovery
With earth touching the unknown
And men setting these sights
Known to us
And now I know why the great minds of history
Borrowed from the treasures of philosophical
For in Homer I see the beauty of a man with great tales
And in these tales I see the metrical perfection of his words
I am dazzled by the creations of men;
The precisions of Da Vinci’s paints
The flawless measures of Angelo’s sculptures
And in these as I gaze so long at the
Magnificence of the art,
I see the monumental impact of structure
The use of architectural opulence
And the impact of mathematical contention
I see science.
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