Equation Jubilation

Competition Year: 2013
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Alone I walk on Oxford road and stare at the horizon,
what a man can do , to love some equations ?
Some are bitter and few are sweet
ohh, strange game they play with me

Winds blow and I pull my coat tight
In the vastness of stimuli ,
my mind feels the leaves which are gone with It
What a happiness, for they shall discover new places

In library’s silence is where I sense science
Patterns of peace hidden in books
Solutions mean something, questions mean everything
where secrets are revealed ,is where my soul lies

Alone I was born, alone I shall leave
so do flowers , no reason to weep
Math is the white and black is the fear
The beauty of stars, makes darkness so dear

The near past is taught by thoughtful parents
And this one, the distant, from aunt History
The feverish future, calls Albert as host
But life is beautiful despite the cost

The sorrows are gone, along with the clouds
The pieces are moving , the birds have no bounds
We believe in tomorrow , eager to learn
What other invention an engineer can tell
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