Problem Solved

By: Bilal Shad (4th Year Aerospace Engineering)
Competition Year: 2012
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The puzzles and conundrums,
Can cause vacant stares and humbug,
The questions and the problems,
Leave us to overcome the long sums.
The problems tease as a thought lingers,
Reminiscint of a time when it all made sense,
What I wouldn't give for a spark, a light in the dark,
Hark back to the doodles, pen betwixt fingers.
Every scratch of ink on page or cough from the Brave,
Amplified as we've accepted the challenge and mustn't look away,
Some look drained, others engaged only enthusing myself to do the same.

"Think of the greats!"
Those from coefficients and constants and statements,
Hypotheses and laws and theories and equations.
Well I guess it's pretty cool to have your name amongst the pages,
But even history sometimes glosses over these stages.
Yes it is a matter of fact, yes that is blatant;
That success does not bode well with complacence,
So gameface on, "Come on!" Focus and act agent.
Cast my rod back then fling it in to the ocean,
Nor sink, nor swim, rather; just floating,
Hoping for a bite, some insightful notion.
...and as I rest the rod tensed, by luck, or by potion,
Scrambling to reel in the catch "of course!".

…O' Gods of Engineering granting me remorse,
Point source to Force all now fully endorsed,
Such trust in my thoughts, really does seem strange,
It is if at once all of it suddenly seem changed,
As if everything had just you know, clicked in to place,
Like I was held up high through flowered streets famed-
Spring in the air, a jubilant parade!
Where at the end of the path a satin cushion lay,
With a scientific Casio placed in a gold case.
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