To be a Physicist

By: Alistair Godley
Competition Year: 2012
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To question is to be a Physicist,
of any sort, of any level; a yearning for
understanding to quench a knowledge thirst,
the foundation of all Science, old and new.

To ponder is to be a Physicist,
daydreams of a universe, known in all complexity,
simplicity and wonder, to think, live, breath,
to be the world around us.

To analyse is to be a Physicist,
to take a problem and search for answers, difficult or
straight forward, always looking forward:
forward to a goal and break the boundaries.

To calculate is to be a Physicist,
to swim in an ocean of equations,
equations empty without Physics and measure
the Earth, the Moon and the stars.

To see is to be a Physicist,
to gaze upon the cosmos in all its beauty, delicacy,
violence and depth of field, of view,
observe with biological telescopes and computers.

To be a Physicist is to be Physics,
to build a career on passion and drive,
on stimulation and burning desire to know,
a heart and mind ablaze with flames of understanding.
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