The Carbon Narnia

By: Geliang Yu
Competition Year: 2012
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Kept alive for hundreds of millions years in the homeland,
but been suppressed for decades.
The Carbon Narnia calling for her new monarch to save the stagnant world.
Warriors from afar sounded the Clarion

The coast of the Socrates blows a great tide.
The sky over Copenhagen is also surging,
Quantum mechanics of black clouds arrives again.
Original theory; Siege appears destroyed

Brave Knights are thirsting to overcome all obstacles, followed by crowds of allegiant soldiers.
The sunlight glitters on armor,
and the Clarion voice cracks open the sky.
The desperate fights fill the soil blood rich and gaudy like purple.

At last, the awakened lion roaring to the sky,
This stagnant world gets a new life by the sudden emergence of graphene,
led by the science of Manchester University,
where the glory, always shining.
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