By: Andrew Williamson
Competition Year: 2012
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For all the beautiful complexity we find in the vastness of the universe, none of it is destined to last.
The peculiar governing forces of our realm of order are bent on reducing everything to dust.
But this dust will merely be the final state of a great decay that will have encompassed all that has ever been beautiful.
This dust was once a star, a flower and a human being but it remembers nothing of its former glory.

The dust has seen the birth of everything that would ever exist.
In its youth, it was very much like its older self; pure, bright particles of great potential.
Until it crafted itself into something more; the first brushstrokes of the painting of our universe.

It once lived the life of a star.
In its might, it spread the notion of life throughout the cosmos.
Such authority would come at a price.
Eventually it would sacrifice all its power in aid of the great decay.
But the death of the first stars was only the beginning.
The stardust became the foundations upon which life, order and civilisation were built.

But this too would have to end.
Order would return to disorder.
Life would become isolated in the universe and perish, alone in the dark.
Then only the stardust would remain.
All would be equal in obscurity until even the stardust’s glow would fade.

Nothing in an infinite void.
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