Human Rights and Human Lefts

By: Georgios Nikou
Competition Year: 2012
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The human kind got so many members
that it decided to split in two parties:
the human rights and the human lefts.
Surprisingly enough, both parties agreed
that among all values in life,
money was of utmost importance.
So they decided to sell themselves for money
and sought buyers.

The first potential buyers
saw the opportunity of wealth growth
and instantly arrived. They were the rich,
few in number yet greedy and powerful.
They made an offer for the human rights,
which human kind couldn’t resist.
But they were so focused in becoming even richer,
that they didn’t hesitate to abuse the human rights.

Then came the middle class members.
They were many and had the necessary power
to obtain the human rights. Also,
they were open minded enough to be able to see
the good in helping the human kind,
yet they chose to merely pursue a carefree life.
They silently tolerated the abuse of the human rights
and completely ignored the human lefts.

Finally the poor arrived.
Even though they were the majority,
they were very weak.
They were so focused in staying alive,
that it didn’t even cross their minds to be united
and stand up for the human rights.
Thus, they compromised with the
human left-overs...
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