Life at present

By: Gideon Habwe
Competition Year: 2012
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I rather see the world in colour than see it in black and white,
These people so wrong, but fooled to think that they see it right,
Not even if shown the light will the blind man see,
So not even in the light will the accused man be,
Innocent, not guilty or may be even pardoned,
The sheep follow these wolves that are covered up in cotton,
Stripped from their own wool, to be misled and misguided,
You can’t force feed them, but wouldn’t dare join them,
All this confusion, dreams are but an illusion,
So why choose to live it if we never really feel it?
Question in my head, searching for an answer,
But every time I find one its feeling like a cancer,
Killing me slowly, softly, with no chemo,
Hope this story is like the movie and I end up finding Nemo,
If not, I will pursue the same road that was paved by my brothers,
Hoping for a different destination, because I’ve seen what’s in this nation,
Not only is the weather but the hearts are also cold,
How do I know this you may ask? How do I not I would’ve told,
Listened with my eyes because nowadays words never matter,
On a different day I explore the science in matter,
Love physics love math, but can’t help but read life,
Because in a world that’s hard, every man bares his own strife.
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