The 5th Law of Thermodynamics

By: Katie Bowler
Competition Year: 2012
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Now we all are aware of the traditional three,
Those that define the states that be,
And whilst dispute continues over a potential fourth,
It is the 5th we’re discussing from here, henceforth.

Because unknown to many I have derived another,
Appreciated or not, we will soon discover.
Helmholtz and Maxwell will turn in their grave,
To hear of my postulation that accounts for the brave.

See, this law explains why those like me,
Have embarked upon Chemistry as a choice for degree.
It is what an Arts student fails to acknowledge,
That studying Science requires an act of utmost courage.

To proclaim such a feat is a risky endeavour.
“A 5th law!” she cries with outstanding fervour.
Entropy, heat and temperature aside,
Many a Scientician to this law, do abide:

In recognition and acceptance of prior laws,
Provides one with the power of developing more.
For generations pass through and acquire this wisdom,
Who’s to say one won’t become the next Boltzmann?

The physical sciences teach those that choose,
The fundamentals of our world- facts not views,
And with that knowledge this 5th law exclaims,
That the future is ours: our discoveries, our names.

And so it appears that I have finally shared,
A secret of mine, once previously too scared.
Lovers of English and the Arts please do not fear,
With thanks to you I’ve written a poem right here.

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