Trial and Error

By: Daniel O'Brien
Competition Year: 2012
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Young, naïve, foolish,
Head warns of misfortune,
The Heart promises a magnificent high,
One of which, in youthful haste,
Is taken without second thought.

Enchanted seconds,
Humble minutes,
Blissful hours,
Innocent days and otherworldly times,
As each pass by,
I soar higher, into the far reaches of heaven.

My senses desert me,
Blindfolded by love, I fail to see what is to befall me;
A dagger to the back,
Harsh undertones penetrate the ears,
The scent of another, trespasses,
The taste of defeat is too bitter to bear,
As I complete my fall from grace.

Little by little, piece by piece,
The sands of time shift,
Until fond, yet hurtful memories,
Become everlasting footnotes in history.

After what seems like an age,
I find myself at a repeat stage,
The Heart promises more then before,
My head, although willing, warns of previous perils.
I muster my courage, clearly with fire I long to play,
Quickly I’m choked by my losing fear.

You’ve got to think high
To rise above the enemies of mind, body & soul
For the man who thinks he is beaten, is,
But the man, who thinks he can win, will.
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