By: Ashriel Brian Tang
Competition Year: 2012
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One a Shakespeare, the other a Pascal.
one iambic pentameter contrasts
a wager of kind probability,
as one portrays God, one deduces God.
... (or reduces)
... (or disproves)
... (or contains)
... (or ... you understand.)

Buildings built on castles of literature
while manuscripts penned beneath The Globe
of the world, by streets of asphalt.
The ill-advised fails to reckon this:
of an engineer this ink is painted
by the fancy of a colourful mind
both logical and creatively daring,
and fantastic as a wild unicorn.

we all fail, just as engine's err,
to grasp how both
art and science, right and left,
inspiration and hard work,
all come from the same source
of man's blessed mind.
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