An Outsider’s Perspective

By: Edward Watson
Competition Year: 2012
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Arriving during the shadow of the sun,
Miles above the blue-green plum,
We anticipated a society,
Aware of their entropy, their fragility.

Light returned, like rivers flood plains
To uncover a life or whatever remained.
Mass as detailed as a hundred images in one,
This quietening beauty it did us all stun.

Scanning for inhabitants without trepidation,
Assessing the life forms and their creations
Findings came in with crushing disbelief,
A scene of unending complexity played just beneath:

Top predator, it seems, was on four wheels,
A metal unit which survives on black liquid meals.
Fluid, controlled, they swarmed through the grey
Disposing of waste humans along their way.

Vast triangular prisms found as old as our journey,
Stood breathless in their monumental glory.
Unnatural precision on an unthinkable scale,
Its mere existence akin to fairytale.

A common theme spread over the land,
Was a material of water, cement and sand.
Took forms of beauty or just enough to suffice
Its effective simplicity, an engineer’s paradise

An expanding race, surviving, exploring
A glimpse of ‘human nature’ showing
Because the imagination behind a design
Shines as our creations are forged in time
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