By: Amar Scorpion
Competition Year: 2012
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We begin with science near a tree,
A life, more a shot of life, here we see,
A branch, to a twig, to a leaf, it extends so all life can be,
Yet you may wonder and ponder, search and sconder,
Surely not here,
No, not here
But further and beyond her we see.
Through the eyes of the Y’s we see.
Be grateful to hubble and lovell,
To reynolds and Rutherford,
To Edison and Bohr,
To newton and more,
As E does not equal M square of C, except under a light,
Where under a scope it can be seen with the help of those before for sure this is the answer to what do you mean?
I mean amen, to those great men and women, for i can see the life beyond the tree.
And ohhh how it starts with a bang,
A big one at that,
With a stretch greater than my minds reach, and stars brighter and born to teach.
So here i am, only to preach,
Not knowing for sure,
How it will end, a twist of God or the big bore.
But of course,
here I am, with a googolplex of a chance, here still,
Still here, and here forever i shall be,
As understanding is the key, as without me this moment cannot be, and no other can be me, so i hold myself still, and as brisk as a chill.................
I am back with my running water and hot air, the floor beneath my feet, unaware of the future mare, Without a care, with forgotten thanks to the engineer.
And so to those of you who think dim of the engineer, think again, then twice more, look outside and in your mind beyond the tree and switch on your light so you can C.
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