The history of science

By: Shashanka Suresh
Competition Year: 2012
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Eons before the first sun dawned,
Void mist harboured a phenomenal storm,
Then a wee imbalance set the wheels in motion,
Fuelling the beginning with unparalleled explosion;

Creation brewed in epic endeavour,
With Nature’s humility and thunder’s tremor,
As proved by Darwin, that destroyer of Eden,
Evolution of the living under bleeding helium;

Civilisations built with beads of sweat,
As progress trudged with nary a regret,
Archimedes said, after at length he had mulled,
“With a suitable lever, shall I move the world”;

When the world believed that the sun revolved,
Around an earth where myths stood tall,
Entered Copernicus to shed some light,
On the truth in bleak, disillusioned twilight;

Although he was backed to the hilt,
By Galileo Galilei, both free from guilt,
They were condemned and their beliefs banished,
Their works destroyed and images tarnished;

A lonely soul under an apple tree,
Inspired an age of discovery,
Newton sought answers whilst others merely wondered,
No hurricane did hinder him, no earthquake nor blunder;

As the dark ages passed and Renaissance was unsheathed,
A brilliant young Parisian named the air we breathe,
Lavoisier’s impressive research had merely begun,
As he studied not in vain about humble oxygen;

Baron Ernest Rutherford split the meek atom,
With a flair sublime, his theory considered dictum,
With clairvoyant vision and nay a stray thought,
He breached the gates of realms unsought;

The age where candlelight battled darkness,
Was subtly eclipsed by the sheer prowess,
Of Thomas Edison as he nonchalantly illuminated,
A century where innovations were vehemently liberated;

With zeal unfettered and visage grizzled,
Walked amongst us a giant, a wizard,
Few can comprehend, none can outshine,
The theory of relativity, expounded by Einstein;

Humble beginnings of the information age,
Were stumbled upon by an impressive Charles Babbage,
He stretched the limits of human excellence,
The world embraced computers with fervent diligence;

With Gates at the frontier, new avenues explored,
Paradigms, in copious curtains, bestowed,
The doors to limitless prospects thrown open,
Windows fluttered ambitiously, all concordance broken;

With the genome mapped and nature cloned,
We seek to inherit the universal throne,
With science comes progress as we play our own chord,
But beware the consequence of playing God…
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