Insight into the World of Physics

By: Dan Staveley (third year student studying Maths and Physics)
Competition Year: 2012
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We search for answers every day, in every place and every way;
We photograph stars and we learn from that, then we ‘umm and arr’ about Schrödinger’s cat.
We scratch our heads and chew our pens, and crack our jokes about spherical hens;
We make wild guesses then prove them wrong, the thirst for knowledge drives us on.

With every answer comes more theory, but we never let this make us weary;
We analyse and then explain, the fundamental truths of this ‘science game’.
So I write my poem to hush the cynics;
My ‘insight into the world of Physics’.

Classical Physics is the place I will start;
Galilean Relativity and Newton’s Laws at its heart.
We use it to study things like planes taking flight;
Things bigger than atoms, and slower than light.

Electromagnetism is the next place to go;
With Ampère and Maxwell stealing the show.
It’s all about E-fields and B-fields and such;
But it’s basically maths so I don’t remember it much.

Then we have Quantum, it really rocks;
If you don’t believe me, ask Brian Cox.
It’s for small things in physics which don’t quite behave;
So we treat them as BOTH a particle and a wave.

Particle Physics is about things within things;
And people enjoy the challenge it brings.
It’s a bit like a jigsaw of constituent parts;
With Bosons and Mesons, and Hadrons and Quarks.

Nuclear Physics is one of the perks;
It’s enthralling to know how the nucleus works.
For the protons and neutrons to stay in their space;
There are such complex forces to hold them in place.

There are others of course, these are but a few;
There's Solid State, Astro and Thermal too.
Many fields to research with interest and fervour;
Give ample rewards to the keenest observer.

So this is my insight, for people to see;
Just how excited physics gets me.
But here's the big fact, and no-one should doubt it;
Our world would be literally nothing without it.
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