God’s Room

By: Ashok Veerasekaran (chemistry Bsc)
Competition Year: 2012
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In the kingdom of heaven
God sits upon his thrown in his room
He looks down upon his creation
Humans are no longer his race to groom

His room is heated by a torch
In his presence, a man-made appliance
The strength of humanity radiates from it
Fuelled by the power of science.

Outside the soft-lit window
Stands a tower of glass and steel
Built from mortal visions of heaven
By Men of immaculate zeal

In the shadow of the hallway
The horror of a mushroom bloom
Shades of grey, of pain. His children slain
The fallen angel’s task resumes.

Huddled in a shaded corner
Sits a creature, betrayed by humanity
Abused with substances, it suffers
Symbolic of Man’s depravity

And on the long metallic table
Blood flows from a young, wounded man
A wizard works with healing hands and sharp eyes
This young man will once again stand

And up! upon the star studded ceiling
Floats a man in outlandish suit
He looks down through god with awed amazement
Cannot see, but is close to the truth

So, God now opens his leather-bound masterpiece
He cherishes man’s achievements.
Glory, pain and success. His mistakes. His conceit
There are empty pages waiting
In a story that is far from complete
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