By: Kathryn Burrill (Chemistry student)
Competition Year: 2012
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It began quietly; only to be heard not saw,
A steady beat of drums, the oncoming of war,
The ship sailed ahead; ignorant of its fate,
All seemed calm, all seemed to sate,
The waves reared back with the prey in sight,
The fury of nature, an ancient might,
The gauntlet was thrown but flung aside,
There was nowhere to run, no way to hide,
The first charge was borne with a wooden shriek,
Safe waters were gone; far beyond reach,
Men scurried in fear as they tugged at the sail,
But with little use, to no avail,
The second front attacked as a howling wind,
Ruthless and harsh, it would not rescind,
The cresting battering ram resumed its advance,
It toyed with the boat; a teasing dance,
Then the crushing blow was dealt from up a high,
No time to pray, no chance to cry,
David faced Goliath but with fear in his eyes,
Surrounded by hell and a blacked sky,
The yawning abyss drowned out the silent regret,
Consumed the body for all to forget,
The defence was over as quickly as it had begun,
The clouds had cleared, out emerged the sun,
The danger lay buried beneath the deep,
The threat was gone, forever to sleep,
The trespassers had strayed too far in the unknown,
Now the waves lay calm, once more alone.
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