By: Oluwatimehin Sesby-Banjoh
Competition Year: 2012
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Moving chicken or the egg? Which came first is the question I ask. The beauty of science is to produce answers to such tasks.
The modern day bridge between myth and fact to solve questions of how, why and when from stories so abstract.
Providing us with figures that are more exact to feed the query as the hunger fuels.
The reason is we or the enigma of us, spaceships into our universe with never ending thrust.
And of course, there has to be an opposite reaction. For the debris ejected, affects our own clouds interaction.
A geoid, our world, and the beauty she was. Now full of mascara of pollutants and dust.

Mother nature’s upset, with the tsunami she yells with earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic ash she expels.
The good children amongst us are the scientist you see, who takes care of our world and the future to be.
Not only of her but their siblings, ourselves whom through bad living have created their own problems of health.
They live in our hearts and our knowledge we impart cures to their ways to prevent an early depart.
Everyman must die this proposition is true, from flesh to dust and back to the soil.
The prospect of living forever, scientists are yet to unfold.
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