By: Olena Mykhaylyk (3rd year civil engineer)
Competition Year: 2012
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Where did it start and will it ever end,
Some technologies keep us alive and others are there to set a trend,
Science and engineering has created the world we know today,
Changing the past in every single way.

An old letter would take days to get where it’s planned,
Nowadays you press a few buttons and it’s sent in your hand,

An old computer used to not fit through a normal door,
Now it’s not surprising if a home has 3 or 4,

Who would have thought, in an hour, that your clothes could be clean,
Then not too long ago came the washing machine,

Travelling around the world used to be a dream where you wouldn’t go far,
Now we have aeroplanes, hovercrafts and even solar powered cars.

So much used to be unknown about things like an atom and a shining star,
Now one is known to be a million light years away and the other makes us who we are

There may not be an answer to every problem that comes our way,
However solutions are created every single day,
For now take a look and there will be something that you find,
An aspect of science and engineering that will blow away your mind.
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