An Engineer Stole My Heart

By: Ellie Connors
Competition Year: 2012
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You had me at 'renewable resources'.
I remember the first time we met.
You tried to explain to me why wind farms
Are really just USING energy,
Not creating it!
They stand on hills mocking rich eco-warriors
By slowly stealing from their bank accounts,
Just like the way you stole my heart.

It was love at first sight
When you beamed me a smile
In the laser laboratory.
We spoke for hours about what caused
The humping and deep penetration.
As it turns out, it was that coffee you bought me afterwards.

They say love is blind,
But I know that isn't true
Because it was all I could do to stop myself from staring
At your rigid member.
To this day I'm impressed by the structural integrity of
Your solid body.

When it came to computational flow dynamics
You blew me away.
I was hypnotised by the vortex shedding
In your turbulent flow.
The day I witnessed your streamlined aerofoil
Was the day we increased our friction coefficient
And hence decreased our Reynolds number.

Every day I am grateful
For the forces between us
Causing those moments
And making us a couple.
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