Confessions of a Hit Man

By: Asad Hussain (BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering (Nuclear Engineering))
Competition Year: 2012
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A bullet travels silently through the cold night,
En route to a one most unsuspecting soul,
His blood on my hands smeared by another’s cause,
I am but the executioner, not the decider;

I do not need much but there is not much I do,
I do what I can to help those I love,
Sold my soul I have to show my affection,
But never shall they know, such is the curse;

Each day I repent but I do not dread,
For I am prepared to accept the punishment that fits best,
Yet each morrow I wish that I did not exist,
For if I did not exist, I would not have hath to live;

Take this as my confession and my message,
I need no pity, mercy or sympathy,
I only ask to be understood,
To serve as an example of the turmoil that is life;

I can not justify myself,
But I can not do much else either,
Men exist to provide to every heinous act,
I myself pretend to be no deity or lord;

I can feel, I do have a heart,
I only kill those who are engaged in evil with other evil men,
Yet life is a gift that is not mine to take,
And with that my pen is forever laid to rest.
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