Truth, Subject and Beauty

By: Alexander Woollam
Competition Year: 2012
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My father was a man of Science
believed reason triumphed o'er all
Said that knowledge was of power
yet I detested such drawl

Told him; 'science is of stunted beauty'
it believes in nothing but itself
Nothing more than fear of faith
cowardice on a shelf

Ask, 'what is truth?'
hear an answer from a simple man;
God is truth, death is truth
is truth lacking any plan?

Beauty is of the subject
maybe nothing more than sham
Can I find this in your God
if I strip away all that I am?

To this he did say nothing
only a smile did meet his face
In spite of my firm discontent
he showed me this fair lace

A fine piece, it was
complexion of pure white
Strength of a diamond
but just a feathers weight light

He asked if I saw beauty
and if I knew the reasons why
I told him that I did
and to which he did reply;

You may see a lace of white
lace of strength desire
You may see both these things
and all that you admire

These are truths that man can test
understand and reason why
This beauty can be known by all
these truths will last all time

But this is not what I see
in fact these truths merely underlie
What I see is your mother’s dress
the day I first met her eye

This is something only I can see
and with my death shall fade
It is truth that only I shall know
and only I it offer shade
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