By: Razvan Sencu (MSc Structural Engineering)
Competition Year: 2012
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First degree of freedom structures – to incommensurable thinking
to Dr. A. Bell
Stochastic motion has no sense?! / There should be something to commence.
That’s why the abstract trigger-happy stays / In front of all we have to say.
The first few steps we’ll have to do / resume to loads from dynamic point of view.
Now keep in mind the simple things, / you’ll further find the match affair.
Who heard of Newton thinks he’s smart; / He states the 2nd low as art
Equilibrating mass and force, / At once we wonder where it goes;
Then run back over stiffness lost / and damping of a single post.
But when it comes to force the drum, / it will always vibrate to sound
The same as drum it is the Earthquake, / it hits in quick and has no break
But we are smarts and chord the drums / avoiding resonance in a glance.
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