The Science of Rhymes

By: Aniruddh Mohan
Competition Year: 2012
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Engineers and scientists we maybe,
constrained by physics and the fundamental laws;
but that does not limit our creativity
or our dreams that help us reflectively pause.

Dreams that logic and rationale can explain!
For as the apple fell from the tree and Newton dreamt below;
behold thy wonder! Newton’s excellent brain
defined gravity as we know.

The enjoyment of beauty is not unavailable to us
but we appreciate an unorthodox beauty;
of numbers, charts and formulae, of Einstein’s magnum opus
The Theory of General relativity.

Naysayers say that science and human emotion
are destined to never meet;
but Archimedes’ shout of EURAKA! was filled with passion
and so was his naked flight along the streets of ancient Greece!

What man has reasoned we call science and God is what we cannot unravel
both always seem to be a hair breadth apart;
much like God and Adam’s outstretched hands in the Sistine Chapel
reaching out to ignite the spark.

I grew up studying both Sciences and the arts
fascinated by both in equal measure
as I was by playing tennis, football and darts
and tales of lost and hidden treasure.

But soon my intellectual craving and questioning
would not be satisfied by economics and literature;
it is only in Maths and Physics after much braving
that I at last found the answer.

But that does not mean that human emotion
remains alien to my kind.
For although it may seem Science receives our utmost devotion
it is by no means a fact of life enshrined!

Those that believe the two cultures are so apart,
ought to feel contrite!
For no poet or writer or anyone from the arts
wrote this poem that you now recite.

So, those who separate the Humanities and Sciences and in it take delight
such thinking will lead you astray!
Life you see, is simply not all black and white
but several shades of grey.
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