Beautiful mind

By: Bekzhan
Competition Year: 2013
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If you have a brain
obviously u know einstein
if u like the astronomy
Watching the stars and sun
Surely u know bruno giordan ( guirdano his name actually)
physics and chemistry today
We know thanks to Newton and Faraday.
I am sure you watched a "beautiful mind",
and now you are getting kind
Since being scientist is not easy
Please dont think they are crazy.
You also need to work,
make a huge effort
and improve this large world,
because we want to know
the concept of flying plane and bird.
Now I believe you are the human (stress on last syllable)
in the future to know
so I expect you create a formula
As it did Ludwig Boltzman (last stress)
Now I will finish and say to you
good luck and
please never give up.
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